About Namely

Namely was founded in 2012 to build an HR platform everyone would use everyday: technology as easy to use as social media, but powerful enough to meet the complex demands facing today’s HR professionals. Namely has raised over $107 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, True Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Bullpen Capital, and more.

About DarwinApps

Founded in 2011, DarwinApps provide dedicated teams of developers to marketing departments of startups, mid-sized corporations, and international Fortune-500 companies — building apps, websites, software, and everything in between. DarwinApps specializes in bringing clients elite, flexible engineering services by pairing top talent with world-class engineering management.


Namely started to grow fast, and that was a great problem to have. The marketing team’s needs quickly outgrew what Squarespace could provide. The team at Namely required a robust, secure, flexible solution engineering to the highest possible quality. The answer was in a CMS called Contentful and an engineering team called DarwinApps.

  • Website migration to a more robust CMS able to withstand continued scalable growth
  • Development expertise to turn designers’ vision into code.
  • Services providing continued iteration, development and new environment management
  • A re-engineered international suite of websites optimized for web and mobile viewing
  • A customized Contentful CMS and asset management platform devoid of WordPress security vulnerabilities
  • Fully managed development support services that provide regular infrastructure updates, improvements, and dedicated engineering services

From a Limiting CMS to a Fully Flexible Platform

Namely initially approached DarwinApps to help them re-engineer their website, migrate their front-end from Squarespace to Contentful, and turn their designs into code. The project called for a freshening of the look of their site, and more urgently, a major CMS upgrade. After raising $107.8 million in funding since 2012 (and $75 million in the last 16 months alone), the team at Namely had simply outgrown their Squarespace platform. The solution was a faster and easier to use customized CMS, without the security vulnerabilities so often found in WordPress.

Rapid Growth Requires Website Infrastructure to Keep Up

Deciding to pair the CMS migration with a full website design overhaul, Namely determined that a Contentful CMS engineered to fit their precise needs would be the ideal platform for their security, publishing, and asset management requirements.

DarwinApps immediately got to work with Namely’s team to understand exactly what they needed for their customized CMS solution. A demo page of the proposed CMS was presented to Namely within 7 days of starting work. From the start, while some DarwinApps engineers were hard at work on the customized CMS, other DarwinApps engineers were in close contact with Namely’s marketing team to code their new site designs.

Security, Speed and Scalability

Since launch, Namely's website has provided a platform with: absolute flexibility; centralized asset-management; greater speed; easier publishing via Contentful’s Content Delivery API; and, most importantly, a static website with zero susceptibility to any type of security vulnerability.

Following the website’s delivery on time and within scope, Namely retained DarwinApps’ managed services through a flexible engineering package. This provides Namely with a full engineering team to manage all development needs through weekly and monthly planning sessions.

DarwinApps provides a dedicated development team for marketing teams at startups, mid-sized corporations, and international Fortune-500 companies—building apps, websites, software, and everything in between.

To learn more about how DarwinApps can serve as your dedicated engineering team, visit darwinapps.com or email contact@darwinapps.com

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