The Challenge

Like many companies, Seagate uses WordPress to publish content online, and like many companies that use the world’s most popular CMS, they experience daily external security threats and difficulty customizing user permissions to create the ideal publishing environment for their organization.

Seagate also has the added challenge of being a global brand that publishes content directed at users who speak many different languages.


DarwinApps built a uniquely secured environment that protects their site from even the most rare WordPress hacks which gives content admins full control over what is pushed to the production server.

Seagate Site Redesign (Screenshot #1)

Additionally, the site has been configured to serve up the proper corresponding language based on a user’s geographical location.

These customizations, along with an updated design that’s in line with the Seagate brand but unique on it’s own, make for the perfect publishing property for a large organization like Seagate.

Seagate Site Redesign (Screenshot #2)



A secure environment can be flexible, and a flexible environment doesn’t need to come with greater risks.

We proved that by building a CMS designed around a clear workflow that leverages a secure staging environment, with all content commits being vetted by an admin, mitigating any unapproved content from being published.


As a global leader in data storage, Seagate has a well-established brand identity that we showcased throughout the design, while also pushing the boundaries to give this new property a life of its own.

In addition, we wanted to ensure users would have nearly the same experience on mobile and desktop, yet with noticeable optimizations for both.


Working closely with Seagate’s team, the new design and WordPress build were deployed using a two-stage server configuration that provided an additional layer of security not found in your typical WordPress builds, meaning even if core WordPress files had a known vulnerability, the Seagate blog would still be protected because of this layered approval system for content and CMS updates.


Our responsive design and content optimization creates a seamless experience between desktop and mobile.

Original ImageNew
Original ImageNew
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  • Secure staging-to-production workflow, preventing vulnerabilities in WordPress core from being exploited or pushed to live site
  • Flexible permissions that enable user content creation rather than inhibiting them
  • Updated mobile-optimized design in line with Seagate brand
  • A design that blends classic Seagate branding with modern style
  • Geographically aware user-tracking to serve appropriate language to each user landing on the site
Seagate Blog Single Post (Screenshot)

The team at DarwinApps took our new blog experience from an idea, to concept and design, to a living and breathing product that was simply world class engineering, delivered in record time. Our executive team took notice before the project was done and asked for the same work to get extended to their blogs.

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