Thomson Reuter’s ‘The State of Innovation Report’ was designed and developed to use bleeding-edge web technologies — otherwise, it would just be another ‘report,’ instead of an innovative web experience that itself was an innovation.

When it comes to sites likes these, the core challenge is finding ways to push the limits of current web technologies without taking away from a refined user experience and purposeful information architecture.


Thomson Reuters came to the table with an aggressive design that clearly displayed information and offered moments of thoughtful user interactivity, but it was on DarwinApps to bring the entire experience to life.

The first goal was to ensure anything built would perform smoothly, because user interactions that perform well in testing must do the same in the wild. To do this, we used standard web technologies, but rather than pushing them to their limits, we used them in elegant ways that ensured performance would not degrade on older browsers and user systems.

As we created each front-end interaction, we reviewed the outcome with the design team as well to ensure the interaction was not getting in the way of the information. This collaborative approach resulted in a site that is immediately striking in its design, elegant yet innovative in its approach, and most importantly, effective in its mission.


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