How We Work

DarwinApps understands that Marketing Engineering is a Service.

After working with companies like Audi, Seagate and AT&T for more than five years, we at DarwinApps have found that many of today’s marketing teams around the world are looking for engineering help that is, above all else, flexible.

One day you might need help integrating your favorite marketing automation service, the next day it might be a landing page, and right before the weekend, there’s a server issue no one at HQ knows how to solve.

There also may not be the same amount of work from week-to-week, making it impractical to hire an additional employee, a contractor, or even an agency.

That’s where we come in.

The marketing teams at high-growth companies such as Meltwater, Namely and Hightower trust DarwinApps to handle the engineering workload that comes with delivering their marketing efforts to customers.

Every day, we make sure to keep our client teams in the loop with everything that’s happening.

Every week, we prioritize the work.

Every month, we plan top objectives and make sure the right engineering resources are available.

Not sure if our client engagement packages work with your budget? We’d still love to talk.

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