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Key outcomes:


Cost savings: 25%+ compared to agencies & 50%+ to full-time hiring


Enhanced user experience for audiences from 50+ countries


Launched 6 new international websites


Managed updates & patches across 23 global sites


Streamlined a marketing powerhouse all under one roof


Custom WordPress CMS with a secured publishing environment

Meltwater’s Digital

In the digital age, where every click and scroll can translate to customer engagement and brand loyalty, Meltwater, a pioneer in media intelligence, found itself at a crossroads.

Established in 2001, Meltwater had blossomed into a global media giant, empowering more than 25,000 companies with data-driven insights to navigate the vast sea of online conversation, manage their brands strategically, and stay ahead of the competition.

Yet, with its expansive reach across six continents and the need for a tailored web experience for each region, Meltwater faced the challenge of unifying its digital ecosystem while ensuring top-notch security and user experience.

This was the reality for Meltwater, managing a decentralized web presence with over 50 offices worldwide, each requiring distinct, language-appropriate websites. To top it all off, managing these sites, coupled with the necessity of integrating diverse marketing automation tools, was not just time-consuming — but fraught with security vulnerabilities.

The Quest for a Unified and
Secure Digital Ecosystem


A fully secure and centralized
publishing environment that
retained WordPress

to manage their extensive online presence efficiently.


A complex system of
identifiers and redirects based
on a user’s Geo IP

to automatically route site visitors to the appropriate language and regional website.

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Integrated marketing
automation tools

to streamline marketing operations and enhance user engagement across all platforms.

Screen with Meltwater website

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Darwin's Strategy to
Empower Meltwater

Navigating the intricacies of a global web presence requires innovative and strategic solutions, built custom by nature.

In Meltwater’s case, their expansive online footprint spans over 50 countries — each with its own language and cultural nuances. We built up a cohesive, secure, and highly optimized digital ecosystem to solve challenges across several key business areas.

Our solutions focused
on five key areas:


A Complex Redirect System

To navigate users to the correct country or regional website, with an enhanced user experience that provides localized content.


Marketing Automation Tool Integrations

To streamline seamless operations across a global network of sites.


Custom CMS on WordPress with Enhanced Security

To offer protection against rare hacks and grant content administrators full control over production server updates.


Technical Improvements for Site Performance

To improve site loading times and user interaction metrics such as First Meaningful Paint and Time to Interactive​​.


Global Web Support and Maintenance

Across 23 global sites included major edits, updates, patches, and troubleshooting, ensuring 100% uptime​​.

The Darwin Impact on
Meltwater’s Digital Ecosystem

In a world where digital presence is paramount, Meltwater embarked on a transformative journey with Darwin to redefine its global web strategy. This collaboration turned challenges into success, taking Meltwater’s user experience, security, and operational efficiency to the next level.

Meltwater’s wins with Darwin


Cost Savings with Unmatched Flexibility

With Darwin, Meltwater cut costs by over 25% compared to traditional agencies and more than 50% versus full-time hires while having the Darwin team as an extension of their own.


Global Website Suite Optimization

With a sophisticated redirection system and by smartly routing users based on geolocation, Darwin streamlined access to localized content and significantly uplifted the overall user experience.


Seamless Marketing Automation Integration

The integration of cutting-edge marketing tools like Marketo and Percuto led Meltwater to a more cohesive and effective digital strategy — and thus, enhanced digital campaigns and user interactions.


Secure Custom CMS on WordPress

Darwin provided Meltwater’s content administrators unprecedented control, combining robust security with the agility to adapt content dynamically.


Enhancements in Performance and Efficiency

Website enhancements accelerated response times and also boosted SEO rankings and user engagement, marking a significant leap in digital efficacy.

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