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A website secure enough to make a hacker cry


User permissions as flexible as a yoga instructor


A design that’s both classic Seagate and fashionably modern


A linguistic twist that would impress even the United Nations


A sun-never-sets website support and maintenance

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I found that in a chaotic environment with competing priorities, Darwin has the ability to help solve them all.

Vince Trinh,

Web Manager at Evault & Seagate

Seagate’s Challenges

The global leader in mass data storage solutions, Seagate found itself out at sea in front of a pressing dilemma: their website, built on WordPress, was tormented by waves of external security threats.

Classic, isn’t it? Jokes aside, trailblazers can’t treat such a storm as a minor inconvenience — think of the risks posed to a brand of Seagate's scale!

Well, the trouble didn’t stop there, as WordPress can be very hard to tame for marketing teams without extra engineering back-up. Seagate’s team had enough of trying to customize user permissions, which consequently led the team to raise the white flag — there was no chance of building a smooth publishing environment without engineering with the marketing needs at heart.

And, without control over the content across the website, the team couldn’t effectively cater to a multilingual audience — essential for a brand with a worldwide user base.

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Any Port in a Storm?
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Recognizing the gravity of Seagate's situation, Darwin couldn’t suggest anything less than a comprehensive solution. Why comprehensive? Well, there is plenty of IT jargon in our vocabulary, but let our actions speak louder than words.


For the solution itself, we made a Content Management System (CMS) revolving around a robust seamless workflow so strongly desired by the client’s marketing team.

This approach guaranteed a secure staging environment where all content commits were thoroughly vetted by an admin. Hence, the risk of unapproved content ever making its way to the live site was eliminated.


Afterward, we asked ourselves, what’s better than security? Layers of it!

So we set up a two-stage server setup, making Seagate's blog as impervious as a submarine even if core WordPress files got compromised.


Darwin didn't stop halfway: our tech wizards found a way to establish Seagate’s brand identity in the design of the new CMS.

With the magic wand of marketing intelligence, we infused modern style elements to give the platform a fresh look. Knowing that prospects turn into leads only when their experience across devices is seamless and captivating, we optimized both mobile and desktop interfaces.


Last but not by any means least was resolving Seagate’s multilingual riddle to automatically present content in the language corresponding to a user's geographical location.

The team at DarwinApps took our new blog experience from an idea, to concept and design, to a living and breathing product that was simply world class engineering, delivered in record time.

Our executive team took notice before the project was done and asked for the same work to get extended to their blogs.

Peter F.,

Sr. Program Manager at Seagate

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The Results for Seagate

01 Security

A secure staging-to-production workflow, effectively shielding the site from vulnerabilities in the WordPress core.

02 Flexibility

A flexible permission system that empowered, rather than restricted, content creators within Seagate.

03 Mobile Optimization

A mobile-optimized design that stayed true to Seagate's brand essence while introducing a fresh, modern aesthetic.

04 Multilingual

A geographically aware system that delivered content in the appropriate language to users worldwide.

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