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Key outcomes:


Transformative Web Experience

Turned a static, standard report into an engaging, innovative online interface using advanced web technologies.


Tech & Design Balance

Achieved harmony between pushing web technology boundaries and maintaining user-friendly design and information architecture.


Optimized Performance

Ensured smooth website performance across browsers and systems, using standard web technologies effectively.


Collaborative Development

Engaged successfully between design and development teams to enhance interactive design and features without compromising information flow.

What Better Time to
Innovate Than Now?

In the digital era, where content reigns supreme, information creates its own expansive domain. This is particularly true as media giants struggle to keep pace with new tech advancements brimming with new possibilities.

Take data visualization, where presentation is as crucial as the content itself.

That’s what Thomson Reuters sought to solve with their annual State of Innovation report — a dense compilation of stats and trends from major industries like Aerospace & Defense, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, and more.

The Thomson Reuters team prided themselves on having an extensively informative report, yet it lacked engagement. With the hopes of expanding engagement, they partnered with Darwin to turn the report into a visually harmonic and interactive online masterpiece.

Same Report, New Web Challenges

In pursuit of a dynamic, winning, and engaging experience, Thomson Reuters set a high bar — to meet the lofty expectations of its audience.

Thomson Reuters Same Report

Facing this monumental challenge, the report needed to transcend traditional design boundaries, utilizing cutting-edge web technology to create an experience that was both informative and captivating. The aim was not merely to inform but to engage, not just to display data, but to immerse the viewer.

What does it take to tackle such a design challenge? Creating the ultimate user experience first required us to collaborate closely with the client’s team. This involved crafting an attractive user journey, from mood boards to design elements. Solving these UX challenges demands smooth animations and transitions for all data displays, supported by seamless collaboration between client and vendor.

Our collaborative approach ultimately swayed Thomson Reuters towards Darwin. It's not just expertise and competence that drive success and elevate projects, but also a collaborative spirit where both parties speak the same language and share the same goals. Every client can expect the Darwin team to act as an extension of their own team, always available to smooth out any rough edges, guaranteeing quality and innovation every step of the way!

Marrying Aggressive Design with Web Technology

Our project journey was a blend of art and science.

Thomson Reuters came to the table with an aggressive design that clearly displayed information and offered moments of thoughtful user interactivity. It was on Darwin to bring the entire experience to life — creating smooth animations and transitions, turning numbers-packed information into an interactive narrative.

Thomson Main Block

Smooth UX at its Core

As the first step, Darwin meticulously balanced the latest web technology with the need for a refined UX. Interactive design needs to perform flawlessly in the wild, across various browsers and systems.

Thomson Second Block

Turning Hard Numbers into Infotainment

The project exemplified the power of collaborative development.

Design and development teams worked in harmony, ensuring that each interactive element enhanced the flow of information rather than obstructing it.

In the end, Thomson Reuters received exactly what they sought from Darwin: a report striking in its design, elegant yet innovative in its approach, and most importantly, effective in its mission. This synergy between design and technology, the cornerstone of the project's reception and, thus success, paid off.

Thomson Reuters Slider
Thomson Reuters The Lifecycle Of Innovation
Thomson Reuters Grid
Thomson Reuters Filter Results
Thomson Reuters Industries
Thomson Reuters Semiconductor Innovation Short Circuits

Design as a Never-Ending Digital Odyssey

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead means embracing change. Does it require some nerve? Sure! Trends shift, new strategies emerge, and audience engagement continually evolves.

Like a living, breathing entity, your website must grow and adapt. Neglecting its development signals a decline in performance — a stark warning, if not a rude awakening — for any business.

Here lies the opportunity for transformation. With Darwin, leverage the full potential of web technology. Our services span from cutting-edge design and development to insightful marketing analytics and data-driven strategies. The time to act is now — before falling behind becomes irreversible.

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