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Key outcomes:


Website Traffic Surge

Namely saw a 20% boost in website visitors — and who doesn't love a bit of speed?


Content Wizardry

Namely’s marketing team now controls content like pure magic – content up, webinars on, all at lightning speed


Insights Unlocked

With optimized reporting, Namely uncorked a marketing lamp and a strategic data-driven genie


Security Superhero

Darwin helped Namely build a digital fortress, ensuring every piece of data is safe and sound

Collaborative Triumphs

Namely Schema Block 1 Mobile
Namely Schema Block 1

Darwin was the best option for us because they came with everything, an account manager, a team of front-end developers, a team of back-end developers, and an overall expertise in optimal web development.

Pooja Patel,

Senior Marketing Designer, Namely

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Tides of Change in the
HR Tech Landscape

Well before our living rooms turned into offices — and became the norm across the globe — the demand for robust human resources platforms and the competition in the niche was soaring.

In 2012, Namely, an ambitious HR software player, joined the pack and have since then grown by leaps and bounds. So much so that their then-current capabilities felt limiting and slowed down development and business growth. Not only that, but those limitations also posed early security risks — a critical technical aspect for any tool that prides itself on streamlining work and collaboration.

Rapid growth is often seen as desirable; yet, it carries not only sunshine and rainbows but highly critical issues that need to be foreseen before it’s too late. Luckily, this wasn’t the case for Namely.

They weren’t just lucky; they were smart and saw the hurdles coming from a mile away. They figured out what needed to be done when it came to building the team, exploring new content horizons, and guaranteeing security, whose importance cannot be overstated by any means.

Recognizing Web
Challenges to Tackle

Namely’s journey began with an acknowledgment: WordPress, their then-current content management system (CMS), appeared to be a relic of their past — unable to keep pace with their dynamic marketing needs — meaning that a migration to another, more advanced CMS seemed inevitable.

The quest for a new CMS wasn’t just about upgrading technology; it was about embracing a system that could handle a torrent of high-quality content (for instance, a constant flow of webinars), ensuring lightning-fast website performance, and upholding stringent security standards.

The company also needed a nearly real-time connection between its in-house designers and external developers to translate and implement the vision. Simply put, they needed a team that could turn their marketing dreams into digital reality.

Now, here's the juicy part. With the new CMS strutting its stuff, Namely needed some top-notch analytics to keep an eye on things. We're talking about tracking progress, making sense of marketing strategies, and deciding where and how to allocate their marketing budget.

Because let's face it, while data might not sparkle like diamonds, it's just as precious when it comes to steering the ship toward success. So, as Namely sails through the tech waters, they're making sure they've got the best compass data can provide!

Namely Website Audit

Landing on Darwin’s
MarTech Expertise

Boost website visitors powered by Darwin

Before making up their mind, Namely defined their list of requirements for the ideal vendor. The truth is, they searched not fr a vendor or partner, but an addition to their marketing team. External developers who talk marketing and see the value of the jobs to be done!

Darwin matched their needs perfectly and recommended a solution to start — migration from the limiting confines of WordPress to the expansive realm of Contentful CMS.

This strategic move promised scalable growth, agile content management, and, crucially, ironclad security compliance — a trifecta of needs for Namely's ambitious vision.

The Entire Content Hub
Project Included

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Namely Schema Block 2

Web Traffic
Surge & Speed

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Breathe new life into
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From Limitation to Liberation:
The Contentful Leap

The partnership between Namely and Darwin started with swift action.

Within our first week, we developed a demo page of the new CMS — matching all the security, publishing, and asset management standards while embodying Namely's vision and Darwin’s expertise. This collaboration extended beyond mere technical implementation; it was a harmonious blend of Namely's in-house design prowess and Darwin's coding finesse, all aimed at crafting a platform that was secure, efficient, and adaptable.

The Power of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Darwin's role evolved to encompass not just the creation of a robust CMS but also the development of sophisticated analytics tools.

Leveraging Tableau and other data visualization tools, Darwin transformed over 11 internal and external disparate data sources into a coherent, nearly real-time narrative.

Extracting all the telling insights via Tableau dashboards, Excel, and daily email reports to analysts, regions, and executives, Namely’s marketing team unlocked a guiding light for their marketing strategies, budget allocations, and overall business planning.

Flexibility for Security, Speed,
and Scale

I don't think we ever had a request or project that Darwin said no to or pushed back on in any way.

Pooja Patel,

Senior Marketing Designer, Namely

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Since its launch, Namely's website has provided a platform with absolute flexibility; centralized asset management; greater website speed and performance; enhanced publishing via Contentful’s Content Delivery API; and, most importantly, a static website with zero susceptibility to any type of security vulnerability.

The journey didn’t end with the website's launch. Namely’s partnership with Darwin evolved into a sustained collaboration, ensuring continuous support and development. This provided Namely with a full engineering team to manage all website development needs through weekly and monthly planning sessions.

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or partner — Darwin, part
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