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Key outcomes:


Foundational website optimization helped VTS’s user engagement surge


Darwin developed a quick-win strategy for VTS to seize instant lead-generation opportunities


Darwin enhanced the VTS brand identity by unifying site structure, design, and content

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VTS’ Growing Marketing Need

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In the ever-changing world of real estate technology, VTS, a rapidly growing software company for commercial real estate, offers a unique platform that serves as a beacon in their space — for owners, operators, brokers, and tenants from here, there, and everywhere.

However, as the company transitioned into a multi-product business with evolving brand architecture, VTS faced a critical challenge in its marketing initiatives, primarily revolving around the website.

Over time it became clear that their website — the core of their digital presence — needed an overhaul. It was essential not only to optimize its performance but also to tell a richer, more accessible story to its expanding audience.

When Marketing Meets Technical Challenges

VTS’s marketing team was eager to offer its customers a smooth, intuitive website experience, but was hindered by limited engineering resources — that is, an absence of the right people with the right skills.

Critical tasks such as updates, integrations, and server management were bottlenecked, leaving the team trailing in the race to evolve. VTS was also transitioning to a new brand style and focus on multiple products as they had expanded their choice of offerings.

All in all, the website needed to not just perform better but also embody the new face of the brand. Without qualified dedicated support, it’s incredibly challenging to get a job of such scale — that requires a unified effort from a small team of developers — done finely by marketing specialists alone.

To top it all off, without sufficient engineering resources, the marketing team had to take care of technical tasks themselves — including website updates, web page creation, landing page and email coding, and plugin integrations —all of which took the team’s focus away from the pressing needs of lead generation and marketing growth.

How Darwin Helped VTS



Enhanced site performance and expanded its reach to better engage and support prospects, while conveying a more comprehensive narrative.

Refined User


Improved site structure, page layouts, and content to provide users with a seamless and captivating narrative that is easily accessible across various audiences.

Sustainable Growth
& Quick Wins


Focused the work on foundational improvements to the site plus some “quick win” items to capitalize on website lift as quickly as possible.

Website lift:
Quick Wins,
new leads


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your project.

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Overcoming Web Development Hurdles with Darwin

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Overcoming Web Picture

Recognizing the urgency and complexity of VTS's needs, our engineers and technical experts acted as an extension to the VTS marketing team and seamlessly integrated into VTS’s operations.

Our collaboration was cost-effective compared to hiring more in-house, full-time engineers and was more flexible than dealing with engineers from the company’s other IT departments. Most importantly, it brought a much-needed breath of fresh air to VTS’s marketing endeavors.

Darwin began by optimizing the crucial aspects of the VTS website from building it on WordPress and ensuring the smoothness of the required integrations to launching the so-called quick wins approach – that is, improving the burning aspects of the company’s website such as navigation, home page and product pages, all in line with the new branding.

Another game-changer was the enhancement of storytelling on the site. After implementing a cohesive narrative across the website, making it more engaging and accessible, Darwin delved deeper, ironing out any inconsistencies and fully integrating the new brand ethos into every page and feature.

Moreover, the Darwin team designed HTML emails for the client to run in Marketo, coupled with setting up the analytics and reporting in Marketo and Google Cloud Manager to help VTS make data-driven decisions and stay on top of their marketing experiments and initiatives.

A New Window of Opportunity

The impact was immediate and profound. VTS’s marketing team, once overshadowed by product development challenges, was now in the spotlight.

Equipped with Darwin's robust tech support, they could swiftly address website issues and undertake significant projects. The partnership transcended traditional client-service provider boundaries, evolving into a harmonious blend of in-house marketers from VTS and Darwins’ developers and project managers — exactly what Darwin prides itself on!

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Darwin is basically part of our team now. We couldn’t imagine our marketing department without their engineering expertise.

Billy F.,

from VTS

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